Add drag and drop support to multi-selected cards

Hello :slight_smile:

Currently I am re-organizing my cards because it got a little messy :see_no_evil: … I stumbled upon two things:

When entering the multi-select mode and want to add an existing parent it doesn‘t show up. I only see personal and shared tags and icons.

Is it possible to drag all cards in multi-select to a parent in the outline? Additionally it would be useful if the outline could automatically scroll when hovering over it with a card (or cards) that is being dragged.


I’m noticing the same thing here - a multi drag-and-drop would be really useful!

Hi @isaiur,

Thanks for your feedback!

Adding a parent is actually something that’s intentionally missing from the multi-select (since it’s in Feature Preview) but we’re due to add this in the next release.

I’ve modified this to be a feature request specifically to improve the multi-select feature with regards to dragging. We will look into this :smiley:

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