Always on top option?

I like to use Supernotes to use take notes from PDF or Videos.

Is it possible to have an Always on top option like Upnote ? Or it would be pointless and not use by many

Thank you !

A “Stay on Top” window setting is something we are unlikely to add to the main app. However in the future, we are planning to support the ability to ‘pop out’ cards into separate windows. As part of that future feature, those ‘popped out’ cards will have the ability to “Stay on Top”.

In the meantime, we’ve purposefully made Supernotes work very well as a narrow window alongside PDFs and Videos if you’d like to take notes and watch / read content at the same time.


I can confirm this. I regularly use Raycast’s window management features for note taking from videos, and Supernotes looks beautiful at multiple different horizontal sizes and screen locations. :heart:


Pop out cards sounds really useful!