Bug when changing card colors

Description of the bug
In some situations, when I change the color of a card, it stays visually the same color as before, but the card behaves as the new color assigned.

App & Version
It happened on iOS, desktop version 3.1.2 and web browser.

Steps to reproduce
Open a card with a color, change the color, click save. My cards have parents mostly, it didn’t matter. Might be related, switching from YELLOW is an issue. I can regularly switch from green to red. But my yellow cards are sttuborn.

Screenshots / Screen Recording
2024-06-14 13.02.42.mp4 - Google Drive)

Hi @pedro.sander, thanks for report!

We recently removed Personal / Shared colors from non-shared cards, and this bug may be a side effect of this improvement.

I’m guessing this is only a problem with existing cards rather than new ones? If you log out and then back in again do the problems persist?

Thanks for the prompt reply. You are correct. New cards are not affected, old ones persist. Even after logout, login.

O may drop using colors then. I’ll wait on your thoughts. Will I have a way to change the present colors to default?


Sorry, think I got it. When assigning both shared and personal color to default it works.