Can I choose which number to display on the right side of "Tasks"?

Hello there!

Currently, the number displayed under “Tasks” in the “Collections” category represents the number of cards that include checkboxes. Is there an option to display the total number of checkboxes instead?

Thank you.

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Hi @wldh,

Interesting suggestion – in short no. But I can definitely understand where you are coming from and the utility this additional option might provide.

However the entire Supernotes system is card-based rather than block-based. This gives you greater flexibility and simplicity as well as being a lot faster than other long-form writing apps. However that means it’s more difficult for us to reliably and efficiently pull out elements from cards like Task list items. Everytime a new card is created / edited etc. we will have to recalculate this number. That’s not to say it’s impossible, we can do it, but we prefer to stick to the simplicity of everything is a card, and all the counts are to do with cards.

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