Can't seem to join cards

Description of the bug
When trying to add a shared page

  1. selecting open in supernotes opens supernotes, but not the card
  2. pasting shared link in supernotes in the join card dialog yields error not found
  3. pasting shared code in supernotes in the join card dialog yields error invalid share code

App & Version
Android App v3.0.8

Steps to reproduce
Use the link Dogfooding | Supernotes

for testing 1) - 3) as described above.

Screenshots / Screen Recording

Hi @freisatz,

You beat us to it! This is all fixed in 3.1.0. We tried to make as backwards compatible as possible but since it’s a pre-release some things like the open button don’t work as well as intended. In the meantime if you just enter the share code manually in the join code box separated with spaces it will work :slight_smile:

I thought so. Sorry to bother.

Not at all! Always happy to hear from you, we should of made this more clear in the pre-release announcement of share pages. Excited to share with you 3.1 next week!

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