Checkboxes not working properly

Hi there,
I need to report a bug with the checkboxes as when I am trying to tick them off they are checking other boxes. This is happening on the mobile and desktop versions of the #app and on the web when the card is finished and you try to insert the blue ticks (well blue background). I do have a video but would need to send privately due to the personal content and no idea of how to blur text.

I hope this can be fixed as it’s real annoying as I need to open up the card and manually put the X in.

Look forward to you coming back to me soon with a resolution


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Hi @PSL2021, sorry to hear about this, I can appreciate how this can be quite frustrating!

Can you please check for me whether all your checkboxes contain uppercase X's and not lowercase ones? Lowercase x's are known to cause problems with our markdown parser.

Hi there. It seems to be working oknow, so not sure what went wrong. Do have a video of you want to see it.


Hi Karl, glad to hear everything is working as intended! If you encounter the same problem again and the checkboxes are all uppercase X's feel free to send over the video via the “Chat with Us” Intercom messenger in the Help Menu ( ? ) on the platform. I will mark this as fixed for now.