Creation of custom snippets

Hi there,

It would be nice to create snippets that I could later access with a specific keyword like in VS Code? There, you can hit tab to fill with the template.

Since I work a lot with python I find myself typing python multiple times.

Also, this could be used to generate a Template for to-do lists and other things.

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Hi @bkemmer, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

Have you tried the new Templates feature that we released in Supernotes 2?

Once you have written some text in the body of a card you can make it a template by opening the Universal Coupler menu (either by typing / or clicking the plus button in the top right of a card in edit mode) and selecting the Templates option (or tap = for speed). Type in a name for the template and then press enter to save that as a template.

To use a template just repeat the process but instead of typing a new name select the one that already exists.

I hope that helps!