Current Day Card

Hi there guys,
first off, I love this platform so easy to use and clean to view. Keep going all.

What I would love to see and forgive me if this sounds very Roam and Obsidian like, but a button that creates a new day card for journaling. If this could be linked to templates as well as I have seen these suggested then that would be amazing. Imaging a selection of custom buttons that open templates. That’s another feature, wow I am on a roll.

Food for thought guys.


Definitely. We will probably integrate this when we have built out the new “dashboard” view, that will allow you to see daily cards, spaced repetition, statistics, etc.


Can you provide a flexible format so I don’t have to rename all my current daily notes? Thank you :wink:

When you say “flexible format”, do you mean you want the automatic titling when we create a daily card for you to be user configurable?

That’s right, the card title of a daily card.
Some inspiration from Obsidian and the syntax they refer to:


Crazy additional feature idea :star_struck: : imagine changing the format AND automatically updating the dailies you’ve already created.

That’s not too crazy at all @kareldries :wink:

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