Desktop: Temperamental Filters

Filters are very temperamental on the desktop app.

I can’t actively shift between filters of tags.

I rely on this since I’m using tags to separate subjects I’m learning! :slight_smile:


Hi @samuelkleos,

Sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues with the filters. Is there any more detail you can provide to help us identify and solve the bug for you? I’m not sure how the screenshot is related?

Could you try refreshing / logging in and out of the app? Does that solve your problem?

Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I absolutely love your app and it’s helping me crush through heaps of uni content, and port my little notes over into flashcards on quizlet.

Basically, if you try enabling a tag-filter and then ‘including’ its cards, it works very occasionally which is the screenshot above.

And when you enable other tag-filters and try to ‘exclude’ those new filters, nothing happens and the cards stay the same, which is the screenshot below.

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I’ve tried refreshing and restarting the app.

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for the quick follow-up. When you use multiple filters together, they behave like AND filters not OR filters.

So in the first screenshot you are filtering all cards that are:

not invisible AND contain #finance AND contain #haskell AND don't contain #statistics. 

(The reason it says you only have 3 filters enabled not 4, is that ‘Invisible’ is active by default and is not counted)

And in the second screenshot you are filtering your view by cards that:

don't contain #haskell AND don't contain #statistics AND contain #finance.

There does seem to be a bug in the second screenshot where #statistics and #finance are both being included, which shouldn’t be happening! We are looking into this. Our filtering system is a bit peculiar, but we designed it like this so it’s fast and clear once you get it. We have plans to completely overhaul our filters in the near future to allow for different combinations and OR filters etc.

Also I’m really happy to hear you are enjoying Supernotes. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this already but we offer a 50% student discount on the Yearly Plan. That includes a 30min 1:1 Onboarding Call with myself or Connor where we walk you through the Supernotes platform, and show you the best ways to use Supernotes for your use case – a lot of students have found it quite helpful!

EDIT: I don’t know how I missed in the screenshot that #statistics and #finance are both present on the cards in the Noteboard even though statistics is an excluded filter. Have never seen this bug before, will look into this for you asap! Which OS are you using? Try logging in and out, it’s not the same as restarting the app.

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Mac OS Big Sur Version 11.5.2

Thanks for the detailed description of filter behavior. It’s cool to see that it’s got such a rigid and predictable structure!

I’m working on growing my finance knowledge base at the moment, so yes, I’m trying to exclude Haskell and Statistics. I would also like to hide my long list of haskell and statistics outline cards from the sidebar to help me better navigate through my finance knowledge base, but that may be a feature request for another time!

I’ve tried logging out and logging back in, and its seems to be doing what I want it to now!

However, it won’t let me include both haskell and finance cards.

Regarding the subscription I think you might have to account for a higher average referral rate among your uni student customer segment (by each viral mechanism cohort) :laughing:

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Ok I 've played around a bit and I understand the behaviour now!

  1. I can include the cards of a single tag by applying:
    NOT invisible AND contain #finance AND NOT contain #haskell AND NOT contain #statistics.

  2. I can also exclude the cards of a single tag by applying:
    NOT invisible AND NOT contain #statistics.

  3. Where it breaks down is when I include multiple tags.

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EDIT on 3. It only breaks down when I apply:
NOT invisible AND NOT #finance AND contain #haskell AND contain #statistics.

It’s fine if I exclude in this manner:
NOT invisible AND NOT #finance

This is likely because I’m trying to include multiple tags.

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Thanks for the in-depth replies (and for your OS version), you’ve been super helpful, and we will try to get this fixed for you as soon as possible.

Do try logging in and out again if it breaks, this resets the local cache and may be a temporary (although not ideal) fix. If you notice any additional patterns to when this bugs happens do let us know!

Re. Hiding cards from the outline. This is all to do with Visibility. You can check out an article on it here - hope that’s helpful.

Re. the subscription that’s no problem at all! The whole reason we added a referral system to help spread the word about Supernotes – really happy to hear you are making good use of it. When you get your friends on Supernotes and start collaborating it’s pretty fun seeing shared cards slide in in real-time!

I know how to edit the visibilty of cards.

I also know I can make cards priority by Shift* + Space (viewing its children).

My interest was in demoting the card priority status based on what tag I had applied.


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