"Don't update Last Modified" mode


I’ve been using Supernotes as my primary notetaking tool for the past month or so and I’m loving it so far!

I really love the fact that notes can be sorted by “Most Recent” as a default - however, I often like to go through and update various note cards and add different parents, tags, icons, etc. as a way of keeping them maintained and organized. But making any of these “non-content” changes causes the Last Modified date of the card to be updated and it shows up as most recent in whatever Collection or Parent card I’m viewing.

The feature that I think would be useful: Some sort of toggle in the settings to turn off updating the Last Modified date when making changes to note cards. This way, if I’m in “organizing mode” I could add tags and such and not have to worry about those cards being sorted as most recent.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting idea! Finding the right balance between resurfacing old content and not showing you things you don’t want to see is a major priority of ours.

That said, adding more settings is generally something we are loth to do as we want to keep Supernotes as streamlined as possible. Regardless, we will discuss this internally and try to figure out what solution is best – there is definitely improvement we can still make in this area.

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