Email to Supernotes (mobile quick capture method)

I’ve seen that “mobile apps” have been on the backlog for quite some time. Have the developers considered an “email to Supernotes” feature like some other productivity apps have, as a cheaper/stopgap way to support mobile quick capture workflows?

We actually have thought about this, and is much more doable now that we’ve released some API improvements in v1.8. However we are also planning to publish a Zapier integration soon, which would actually allow you to setup/customize this yourself.

So our current plan is to release that first, and if that doesn’t quite scratch the itch / is a little too much effort for the average user to setup, then we will look into having a dedicated service for this!

@camflint have you tried saving Supernotes as a bookmark to your mobile home screen? This is what I use on my iPhone and I think it is at least as quick as sending an email would be. Is there something that sending an email would do better than this?

Yes, the difference is that with an email integration, I can use an app on my Apple Watch to dictate notes and send them to Supernotes.

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Love the idea of a Zapier integration! :100:

Would be nice to see the ability to email or message a note to my, or another users, inbox that would create the note in the inbox and let me use either an email address or an sms address to quickly add a note.

This has been released as part of Supernotes 2.2.4. Generate your own personal “Send to Supernotes” email from Settings > API & Integrations > Email to Supernotes!

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