Embed one note in another note?

I’m new to Supernotes so I may be missing this, but is it possible to embed one note into another note? What I would like to see is the content of one note within the content of another note. And if I make changes to the embedded note, those changes would show in the note containing the embedded note. If this is possible, please let me know how to accomplish it. Thanks…

Hi @GHeinz, welcome to the forum!

Composable notes is something we have considered for Supernotes, but have generally avoided primarily because one goal of Supernotes (and our notecard format) is that the cards are self-contained units of knowledge. Embedding cards inside other cards is a bit antithetical to that idea.

That being said, we currently do have the ability to embed Supernotes cards in other places (like a webpage). This feature is soon to get some TLC which will make it much more suitable for a broader set of embedding use-cases. As we make these improvements to embedding, we will consider adding the ability to embed Supernotes cards in other cards, but no promises, as we might (probably) decide to keep the notecard format as streamlined as possible without letting them get complex in ways that true embedding would probably cause.

Hope that makes sense!

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