Export all cards to PDF and not just current page

Being able to export all cards to PDF and not just the current page


Very interesting idea. Do you have any thoughts on how you would like to see cards order determine? That is the biggest hang-up I can see.

Thanks. You are already able to sort the cards, e.g., alphabetical, last created or last edited.
And you are already able to export the current page to PDF in the same order you have sorted.
So I think it will be possible to export all cards in the sorted order

Hi @Grunberg,

Thanks for your feature request and welcome to the Supernotes Community!

Yes you are correct, at the moment only the current page is printed (up to 25 cards + a parent card); we’ve done this for performance / compatibility reasons. We have plans to completely overhaul our PDF export in the near future, and I’ve upped the priority of this for you.

In the meantime if you’d like to group more than 25 cards together try exporting them page by page and combining them into one PDF document using Preview (macOS), Adobe Acrobat or another pdf tool.

Thanks, and nice work so far!

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This has been added in Supernotes 3.1. We’ve raised the max card PDF export allowance from 25 to 300. Allowing for more may increases the risk of crashing and creating HUGE pdf documents, so think this is a happy medium.

Marking this as implemented :tada:

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