Floating Context Menu

I’m not sure what causes this bug since I’ve had trouble reproducing it. I also don’t know what to call the button that is bugging so I’ll just describe it as: The button in the top left corner of the main window which displays the name of the currently selected “collection” or “card”. This button usually opens a dropdown contextual menu but sometimes the menu will float over to the button from a different area of my screen. I’m not sure if this is due to window resizing. I’ll add more if it continues to happen.

Hi @cdelehanty,

Thanks for the bug report!

For performance reasons we don’t update the position of the menus when you open them, so it’s snappier – the drawback is that if the anchor point of the menus has changed, they may shift around a bit in the initial animation.

An easy way to replicate this is to open the “Noteboard options menu” (that’s the name of the button) when the sidebar is open and close the menu and then the close sidebar. When you re-open the “Noteboard options menu” it will animate in from the right.

We didn’t mind this in our testing, but can totally understand if it’s a bit jarring. We will look into fixing this so the position is updated once you click the button with minimal performance loss.

Hey @tobias,

Ah! That’s exactly what I was seeing. It’s a little weird but I think keeping things snappy is important. Thanks for the insight! I really appreciate all the attention being given to the design AND functionality in this app. Looking forward to following along as you keep building out this beauty.