Frequent Re-Authentication in Mac OS app

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Description of the bug
Each time the Mac goes to sleep (e.g. closed-lid) and awakens, Supernotes app logs me out and requests Re-Authentication via the Web App.

App & Version
e.g. Mac Version 3.0.6 (3.0.6)

Steps to reproduce
Put the mac to sleep (say, overnight). When it wakes, log back in and navigate to the Supernotes app. A re-authentication window will pop-up and require login via Web (goes to Chrome/Firefox) or ask to sign-out and lose unsynced changes.

Screenshots / Screen Recording

Hi @tkk22, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

Certain actions like managing API keys and editing user account info may prompt you to log in again.

But this sounds like this might just be a corrupted cache on your end. If you manually sign out, and then log in again, this should fix itself. If not let us know and we’ll investigate further.

(also if it’s not fixed let us know if you’re running a Mac with Apple Silicon or Intel :slight_smile: )

Hi Tobias,

thanks for the reply. I tried signing out manually, but after a day of disuse, I got the reauth screen again when I woke my mac up.

I’m on an Apple Silicon mac air.

Hi @tkk22,

No problem, that’s what we are here for. We still aren’t able to replicate this (both myself and Connor use the Apple Silicon mac app as our daily driver). Nevertheless we will made some modifications and hopefully it will be fixed in 3.1!

Getting this issue almost every morning. Whenever I start my mac after long sleep, it asks for re-authentication.

I am using latest Mac OS with M1 Pro.

I also experience frequent re-authentication. I login through Mac/IOS/Windows and continue to have to login with captcha everyday.

Hi everyone, thank you for the continued updates. We have tracked down the issue, which has been fixed and will be released in Supernotes 3.1!