How do you remove a single note from the card tree

I doubled click a note to open it and now it’s on the card tree…

How can I remove it from showing on the card tree.


Hi @FujiFilmXShooter,

The Outline (card tree) contains only cards that are marked as Priority – see the Visibility section in our documentation to learn more. When you open a card it will mark the card as priority by default and add it to the Outline.

You can quickly remove it from the Outline by hovering over the item, clicking the ellipisis dropdown on the right hand side and clicking “Remove from Outline”. I hope that helps!

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That did it…thank you.

I am going over all the support topics again to help me retain the information better.

No problem, do also have a look at the release notes of 2.0, we haven’t managed to update the documentation yet and a few behaviours have changed a little with the latest update.

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