How many notes can Supernote handle well?

Hi there, I’m on the hunt for a new productivity notes app. My use would be research, second brain, storing information and various other things. If I imported stuff from other apps etc I would quickly find a fair amount of info building up. How many notes or cards can supernotes handle without any issues? I’d be using the windows app, the mobile app and the web app.

Anecdotal evidence warning :warning:

I’ve been using Supernotes as my second brain/Zettelkasten tool for a little over a year. I have ~3200 highly connected notes in the tool, and I haven’t noticed any speed or scale issues (except for the graph view of Home, i.e. all notes, being slow to render). The UI always responds within the stated 100ms target, and the Overview panel makes it a delight to navigate and explore all my notes.

Obviously I can’t tell you how Supernotes responds with 10k or 30k notes. However, based on noticing a zero decrease in responsiveness from 0 to 3.2k notes, I predict Supernotes that will handle even ridiculously large databases with aplomb.


Thanks for sharing your use case, James! I’ve been wondering the same thing.

Just want to chime here and say that performance is a big concern of ours – we are always trying to make sure that Supernotes feels snappy and responsive. A major benefit of all the offline-mode work we’ve been doing is that even more interactions now take place purely on your device, so various things should feel even faster.

Looking forward to sharing future performance updates with you and of course always let us know if you’re having any performance issues (like with graph view and we will do our best to sort them out).