Image veils "see more" button right after embedding


The summary of this bug is as the title.



How to reproduce

  1. Embed image (I didn’t test about the condition of image size)
  2. Render it!


I use stable chromium edge now, and chrome shown the same bug.
But on firefox, there was no bug.


I didn’t recorded this in demo but the full image I used is as below.


Hi @laff!

Great bug report, we will make sure to fix this with the introduction of the new editor.

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Are there any updates on this bug? I often use seamless view as a workaround since the “see more” (with fade) visual cue occasionally doesn’t appear. This bug affects longer cards with embedded images (anywhere on the card) on both MacOS and iOS, and it’s often difficult to see that a particular card may in fact be longer, since there are no visual cues. This behavior has carried over into v2.

Hi @noremac, I can definitely see how this isn’t ideal. I’ve raised the priority of this issue and hopefully we can get a fix out for you very soon!

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I also keep bumping into this bug, as I regularly use images in my cards.

I’d appreciate a fix for this.

Hi @JamesT, we are in the middle of fixing this at the moment. Hopefully we will be able to include the fix in the next update.

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