Improved Search Prominence

If this is already in the works I apologize up front. But I would like to see the search become a bit larger of a feature. Currently it’s very small and not as prominent as I think it should be.

My thoughts about it are below:

  • Could it be added to the left menu with a larger icon?
  • Have be ability to search all notes even if inside of a section, currently I have to click the hope icon first and then search to do a full search.
  • Have the Escape key exit out of the search

Hi @fredmarkle,

Thanks for sharing! We do already have some plans to improve the search in quite a big way → we would like to combine the filters with the search to have a lot more flexibility, an extract from a similar topic posted recently:

This doesn’t solve your second point about being able to search all your notes from within your section though. How often do you use the Command Prompt to search for cards? We want to expand it to search for card content as well as titles; so you can quickly search for and jump between cards in different locations.

The Escape key should already exit out of search so you can navigate between your cards using the up and down arrow keys. Does this not work for you?

I currently don’t use the command prompt but will give that some more usage. It does appear that it only seems to search the card titles, which will be useful in some cases. But most of the time I am doing a search it is a true search where I want to see all cards that contain the word “Tape”.

Filters are nice but I personally won’t use them much, for my use case search would be the quicker option. But I am sure filters are huge for other users.

I guess the search all notes even within a section would be very possible to add with a simple keyboard shortcut, similar to the command prompt, but a key combo that would bring up a universal search would be great.

Currently if I can using the search bar in the upper right in the home area, if I it escape it doesn’t clear the search filter. You have to go up and click the “X” next to the search to get it to stop.

As always thanks for considering my comments and I totally understand that my use case may not match everyone else.

Definitely try using the command prompt more, the cmd / ctrl + k makes navigation between cards really quick and easy.

Ah yes pressing escape is not meant to clear the search filter, so you can switch the focus from the input to the Noteboard to navigate between the search ‘card’ results – but I can see how that can be confusing.

Thanks again for the follow up, hopefully we can push a few improvements soon for you; but at the moment we are mostly focusing on offline mode and mobile apps.