Include Out-Of-Bound Links in Graph View

Currently, when you switch to graph view, the view will only include cards that are direct children of the currently active parent. This means that cards that link to cards under a different parent are omitted from the graph, making it impossible to view link connections unless the cards share a common ancestor—this has the ultimate effect of making it such that only the Home view will give you the totality of linkages.

Formally, if parent A has child B and child B links to card C, which is not a child of A, C will not be rendered in the graph view of A, one will only see (A → B) and not (A → B → C).

I think it’d be useful if to view linked cards in the graph view, even if they are not under the active parent. This could potentially be useful for the other views as well, but the utility for list/broadsheet is less obvious to me.

I have a feeling custom collections will solve precisely this issue, but figured I’d open it anyway, just in case.

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