iOS Editor Tool - Repurposed for Indentation?

Hey @connor @tobias,

Smashing job with SuperNotes 3, absolutely love it so far!

One question I had on the iPhone version of the app was whether we could repurpose the arrows in the new Editor Tool (highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below) for them to become indentation arrows or at least provide the optionality to switch to that function if we so wish? I.e. if you click that right arrow it indents to the right and if you click the left arrow it indents to the left (function as the tab button on PC). At the moment they function more as left and right keys to move one space left or one space right which I don’t personally find as useful.

Image - Arrows in Editor Tool I’m referring to

As of present, I don’t know whether there is a straightforward way of indenting on the iPhone version of the app (let me know if there is!) so this would be super appreciated.


Hi @Fizzster21, they are already indentation tools, hold them down :wink:


You guys are genius!

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