iOS widgets

I’d love to have:

  1. Desktop widgets
    2 Lockscreen widgets
  2. Shortcuts actions
    That would help integrate Supernotes into my daily workflow.

Hi @shryn, welcome to the Community. Could you go into a bit more detail as to what kind of widgets and shortcuts you would be looking for? This will help us strategize on how to best build such features in the future.

I have several iOS Shortcuts. If you need one, drop me a message :slight_smile:

Hi Isaiur I would be interested in any Shortcuts for Supernotes you have. Thanks.

Hi Connor. I think it would be nice to have widgets that show the current day’s notes or a bar of icons that perform various functions such as: new note, search, go to date, etc. As for the iPhone lockscreen: a simple open Supernotes or search would be nice. Cheers.

A lockscreen widget on iOS for opening the app to quickly add a new card would be fantastic.

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