Link in footnote directs to incorrect footnote anchor

When clicking the little triangle/arrow next to the contents of a footnote, the noteboard view will scroll upwards to the occurrence of the associated superscript footnote anchor in the text.

However, the behaviour seems to be bugged. Clicking the triangle next to the first footnote of a card will move the canvas to the position of the first anchor to a first footnote that occurs anywhere in any card in the noteboard. Similarly, the triangle next to the n-th footnote directs to the first occurence of an anchor corresponding to a n-th footnote. That anchor might very well be in a different card than that which you are currently dealing with.

Got it? Probably not. Luckily I have an example that hopefully makes things clear.

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Good find! Will be fixed in 1.8.1.

(Once 1.8.1 is out though, you will have to edit / finish the cards for the markdown renderer to update the footnote ids)