Links for non-existing cards


I believe it’s not possible to create a Wikipedia-like link for a non-existing (yet) card.

For instance, I could have the following text:

J.R.R Tolkien has written many books, among those, [The Silmarillion], [The Hobbit], and [The Lord of the Rings Trilogy].

I haven’t made cards yet for those books, however by referencing them as I write now, I’m saving some tedious linking later on. It’s a common used on Wikipedia, and other zettelkasten systems that I used earlier.

I don’t know how you generate hashes for cards, but it’s a hash of the title, it would work. Another way to do it would be to add a “fill missing links” utility, where the user is prompted with the context card and the missing link, with an easy way to choose the most likely card for the link.


You are correct, this is not currently possible. However it is something we would like to add, as it is definitely a nice flow (and one I personally would appreciate).

We are working on a wikilink system for Supernotes, as mentioned in this thread. The main hold-up with wikilinking to non-existing cards has been the issue with Supernotes where (unlike in other systems), we do not require note titles to be unique. Card IDs are therefore just randomly generated, as if they were a hash of the title (or something similar) you’d end up with lots of collisions.

This means if you link to the [[The Hobbit]] in one card, then link to it again in another, then create a “Hobbit” card, it is non-trivial for Supernotes to guarantee that all those pre-existing links will end up pointing to the same place. This is compounded by the collaborative nature of Supernotes, where you might create a card called “The Hobbit” and another user might create a card called “The Hobbit” and share it with you, so two [[The Hobbit]] wikilinks might not even be intended to point at the same card.

We have some ideas we’ve been toying with for a long time, but because this is a change that will fundamentally alter how people edit cards we want to make sure we get it right the first time, as it can be hard to “take back” depending on the implementation.

That said, if anyone has some clever ideas for how one might achieve this in Supernotes, please let us know. It is entirely possible we have overlooked a best-of-both-worlds solution!

Hi! Happy to see that you’re looking into this.

I suspected that this was the problem - that’s why a prompt, after you created the card, to review the existing empty links and link it could be an easy solution without having to reinvent the wheel.

Yes that is one of the routes we have considered. However I think one of the reasons people like wikilinks for personal notes is precisely because they don’t require you to manually intervene: at some point, you just create a card called “The Hobbit” and everything points to the right place. So realistically we’d like the Supernotes solution to capture that level of simplicity.

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Do you have data regarding the frequency of colliding note names?

Nope, but it is less about the frequency and more about the possibility. I know I personally have cards with the same name.