New cards aren't immediately present when switching views, especially in Thoughts

:frowning: as much i love SuperNotes i cant use it right now to add more cards, anything i try to put in will just get randomly teleported to the “Thoughts” tab and there is nothing i could do to fix it.

Hope this get fixed soon!

Edit: When i delete all my cards in the “thoughts” tab (which there is 1 xD) its working again :).

When you say teleported, do you mean that the card doesn’t come up in your home view? And does the card come up as a child of another card, if you give it a parent?

Could you give a little more description of what exactly is happening?

The card would just get automatically moved to the “Thoughts” tab.

The card will be moved to the “Thoughts” tab before i have a chance to add an parent to it.

This occurs randomly

Let me capture my screen when the bug happens

This doesn’t sound like a bug to me :thinking:. The “thoughts” tab is “home” filtered on cards that have no title, content, or parents. If you can see it in your thoughts then it will still exist somewhere in your home. The only way you can remove cards from “home” is to junk them, then they are gone from everywhere (except trash until you delete them completely).
Maybe I dont understand the description, could you take a screen capture video of it and I’ll see if I can replicate exactly what you are seeing?

I would just type stuff out but it will just automatically be made into a card and added to the Thoughts tab without me hitting Ctrl + Enter

It also happens when i try to paste something

Hmm I am struggling to recreate, does look like a weird bug though, are you using desktop app, Windows or mac?

might it be a combination of two behaviours?

  1. I think there is a small sync latency in the desktop aps (a few seconds) which might be why the cards were not syncing properly
  2. the card being finished before you press Ctrl+Enter: not sure why there would happen, maybe devs need to take a look?

As a work around I would recommend using the web rather than desktop apps, there is no difference in functionality and the web is what they have been developing for the last 3 years, whereas desktop apps have been out a couple of weeks. I still use the web as my primary way of interacting with supernotes

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Hmmm, that is strange behavior, thanks for taking a screencap. We will look into this.

In the mean time, I would recommend not using the Thoughts tab for authoring cards if it is causing problems – authoring a card in Home vs. authoring a card in Thoughts is identical, no custom metadata is added to a card when you author it in Thoughts, as a card being in Thoughts is purely predicated on:

  1. Not having a parent/child or
  2. Not having a name/content.

So for example if you make a card with a parent in the Thoughts tab it doesn’t really belong there anyway, and will get removed when you refresh / leave the view and come back.

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Def could be my internet :), thanks for letting me know!

Noice, thanks. It seems to work if i just dont author in the Thoughts page.

We have looked into this further and it indeed seems be caused by lag in the internet connection. The newly generated cards are being pushed / pulled from the server when you switch views – this is usually instant but occasionally it may take a little time to update. I have updated the thread title to better reflect this.

Thanks for the report @jawsh. We will make sure to improve this very soon, but in the meantime as @connor mentioned try not to use Thoughts to author cards.