'Open in Supernotes' option in Android

Need the mobile app for SN to be accessed through the phone’s Sharesheet for easy copying and pasting please.


This is planned, and will be available soon on iOS and Android.


One of my biggest frictions of using Supernotes on mobile (Android) is the lack to easily share a picture, screenshot, or link (basically anything that’s shareable) directly to Supernotes via share menu (share sheet, is that what it’s called? “Share via …”)

80% of my usage of Supernotes on mobile is to capture info quickly and deal with later when on computer. It’s not as easy as it could be right now since the share option is lacking, which unfortunately leads me to other note taking apps.

Is this planned in the near future or have I missed something?

Hi @Pointus, yes this is planned as part of the Supernotes 3 release with mobile apps. Looking forward to sharing it with you very soon.


Sorry for double-posting. But great, can’t wait! :clap: Do you have an estimate on the “very soon”? Are we speaking hours, days, weeks or months? :innocent:

Hi @Pointus, no problem at all!

Sometimes it’s hard to find posts on the same topics will slightly different titles. We are speaking weeks :wink:

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Awesome! And thanks for a quick response.

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Are we still thinking in “weeks”? :wink: (Just hopeful and excited!)

Hi @Pointus, yes! Big announcements coming very soon.