Reveal Spoiler on exported PDF

Hi - I have some spoilers on my cards and on the exported pdf they are not revealed. Is it possible to “check off” Spoiler on PDFs?

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Hi @isaiur,

Not at the moment, we will look into improving this! I’ve bumped the priority of this internally :slight_smile:

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Happy to announce this will be arriving in the next release :raised_hands:

New Print Modal


So for every card there will be a QR Code? That’s genius :fire:! I’m super excited!

This is only for single card print outs like in the gif or cover cards. We could add a QR code for each card, but it’s a lot easier to scan one QR code to view the parent etc.

We’ve also increased the export card count from 25 to 300 for print / pdf, which should cover most use cases.

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