Scope / persist filters to individual views

At the moment, a filter added to the view of a card and it’s children persists: if I switch to another parent card, the filter operates on that too. This means that if I have one parent where I only wish to see children tagged with #new, when I switch to a different parent where that tag isn’t used, I can’t see any cards. The app diligently warns me, so I turn the filter off… but that means that when I switch back to the parent where I’m using the #new filter, I have to do it again…

Feels like filters should stick to the parent they’ve been applied to, and not transport to others, in other words.

That makes sense, I can understand how many use-cases would be better served by filters that are stuck to the specific parents / views rather than globally static.

However, we are currently working on Custom Collections, which will allow you to use certain filters in a persistent way. As such, I’m actually expecting this itch will probably be scratched by the release of custom collections, so for now I will mark this as under consideration, and we can re-visit again after the release of Custom Collections. :blush:

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