Search modal won't persist in view

Description of the bug
Occasionally i get the app into a state where the search modal completely drops off after hitting Cmd + k (in the gif, one click results in it coming up and immediately going away). It’s happened 3 times in about a week.
Screen Recording 2023-10-21 at 4.00.22 PM

App & Version
Mac OS Silicon v3.0.4

Steps to reproduce
Seems to happen after going through search to edit a card? I can’t pin point exactly. Re-launching the app does not help either! Had to “Clear site data” to fix this.

Screenshots / Screen Recording
Please post a screenshot here or a even better a link to a screen recording. If the bug revolves around sensitive information, or if you would just like to talk to the team directly please contact us using the in-app ‘Chat with us’ messenger.

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Hi @fuzzy.beach,

Thanks for the bug report, we will look into this. If you notice any more steps to reproduce this let us know!

Also you don’t need to “Clear site data” usually, just log out and then back in and that should have the same effect – saves you from having to open the developer tools.

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@tobias, Happened again today, to add to previous notes, when this happens, clicking the magnifier opens search but CMD + K does not close it. Esc does close it. Hope that helps track this down.

Screen Recording 2023-10-25 at 7.13.32 PM