Selecting text interactions

Besides Supernotes I use Obsidian and love two nifty features which could also go well for supernotes.
When you select a text in Obsidian you can type ** or whatever markdown syntax you would like to have and it adds it to the start and end of the selected text … but I don’t know if it would collide with your planned update on the text editor.
Another feature is that you can select text and add [[ to open a new file (would be a new card in sn) with the selected text as the title. I think this could be helpful when you reach the limit of the card and could transfer an idea easily from one card to another…
Edit: I found the Post on Excising cards - I think it is the same feature.

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Hi @isaiur,

Thanks for your feedback. Both of the interactions you mentioned are already implemented in Supernotes (although the second slightly differently).

If you select text and type a common markdown mark such as asterisks, backticks, quotes etc, it will wrap the highlighted phrase. (Make sure it’s on the same line!)

If you select text and then type forward slash, / , it will open the Link Coupler with the search term matching the phrase you highlighted so you can quickly add a link, or create a new card using the search as the title. Excising cards is an improvement on this mechanic.

I’m moving this topic into the ‘Thoughts & Feedback’ section and renaming it to “Selecting text interactions” to move accurately categorise this :slight_smile:

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