Sidebars hide/show behaviour

I change between hiding and showing sidebars frequently, since I prefer as little clutter as possible. (By sidebars, I mean the outline and the pinned cards). A “hide both sidebars/show only noteboard” short cut would be useful.

Secondly, currently it seems that if one collapses the outline and then goes into a card, the outline uncollapses itself. I’d like to be able to turn this behaviour off or have it off by default.

I also notice that when the pinned cards side bar is open, and I alt-click a note in order to unpin it, the pinned cards sidebar collapses. I’d rather it stayed open.

Thanks for sharing your use-case Daniel. With your second point (in your first post) I can definitely see how the auto open sidebar is annoying and this will be turned off by default in the next minor release (1.8.1).

The pinned sidebar should only auto close if you have no pinned cards left? Is this the case?

Regarding your first point, a “hiding and showing the sidebars” hotkey sounds like a great idea. However might be best to separate them into two hotkeys for the left sidebar and the pinned rightbar. Would anyone else like this hotkey? (Just to gauge interest!)

Autoclosing of pinned sidebar still occurs when I have remaining pinned cards.

I did wonder about separating the hotkeys. Interesting idea. Just to throw ideas out for a minute, what about including closing sidebars in the seamless view? Perhaps it is useful to keep the seamless view as distinct - that said, I really like a big “get rid of all distractions” hotkey.

Unpinning a card also opens the outline! Someone please keep that outline hidden :wink:

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