Sorting doesn't work properly or is ignored in Daily View

My sort is set to “Creation date”, but when I edit a card it get’s pushed to the top with a weird animation.

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I have seen this happen too!

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Hi @isaiur,

I’ve tried to replicate this but haven’t had any luck? Where does this happen, in Home or within a parent card? Do you have any filters enabled?

Consistent, reproducible steps would be very helpful for us to debug.

I did a quick screen recording - hope that helps.

Thanks @isaiur, from your recording I was able to replicate this from within a “daily” view only. Am I right in saying it’s not possible to replicate this within a parent card or within Home?

Yeah, I think you‘re right.

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Perfect, I’ve updated the bug report title to reflect this, we will fix this very soon!

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When trying to sort notes, random notes will just jump to the top? even if i try to sort alphabetically?

Hi @davidnyuwin,

Which view are you in? We’re aware of an issue with the daily view a the moment.

Could you share some more information and perhaps a screen recording of what’s going wrong? A step-by-step walkthrough to replicate this issue would be very helpful.

Hi Tobias,

thanks for the reply, yeah in daily view, it’ll just jump around randomly even if i haven’t edited the note, if it’s a known bug then it’s all good it was just annoying me