Static Today URL

Is there any URL to make Supernotes always open on the current day? Rather than a URL like it would be nice if a URL like always opened or redirected to the current day, so we could set a Chrome shortcut to always open to the Daily Collection.

Hi @rcavin, welcome to the forum!

Currently there is not such a URL, but I can definitely understand how that would be useful to have. We are currently making some changes to how views work and we will see if we can’t work that in there at the same time. Thanks for bringing it up!

Also while this doesn’t help in the case of having a link, an easy way to get back to today if you’re on a different day in the daily view is to just click the Daily button or press the Daily shortcut combo (cmd/ctrl+shift+m) again.

Thanks for considering this, @connor . This was intended more for the desktop, but it’s also handy on mobile to always launch to the current date from an Android launcher. I just discovered the solo mode setting. When in solo mode it would also be handy to change the Join button on the toolbar to the always go to the Daily collection.