Supernotes on KDE Menu (Quick Launch)

Just a quick how-to for anyone who has Supernotes on KDE Menu and as a quick launch icon (I am running Fedora but will work with KDE on any distro).

Supernotes runs great, however as an appimage it means I need to go and launch the file from my local filesystem each morning and I want it to be as a quick launch icon and in my menu bar.

  • Press Super Key or Launch the KDE Menu
  • Search for kmenuedit and launch it (Called Menu Editor on the GUI)
  • On the left select the category you want to add to (I Selected Office)
  • Click New Item along the top menu
  • Enter a name (I selected Supernotes)
  • Select the Icon by pressing the large grey square and navigating to an icon you wish to use (I hope the team don’t mind but I grabbed the Pink SN logo from twitter and converted it to an ico to use as I quite like it)
  • In the Command type in the path to the app e.g. /home/bmccaffe/AppImage/Supernotes/Supernotes-2.1.2.AppImage
  • Click Save in the top menu

The first time you launch it from the menu you can then right-click on it and select Pin to Task Manager.

I hope this helps someone else in the future.

Screenshot of setup:

Looking good down my menu bar now, along with Obsidian as I transfer over my notes :slight_smile:


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Thanks for sharing this @bmccafferty, I’m sure this will be very helpful for other Linux KDE users.

Regarding the Supernotes icon, I’ve just popped the official app icon files (.png, .ico and .icns) and in our Press Kit under “Logos / Icons” – feel free to use them!

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Ah amazing!

Thanks I will update :slight_smile: tho stealing from twitter worked well haha :slight_smile: