Table feature and Formatting bar

Hey all,
thanks to Connor for a great one to one the other night really nice to talk to one of the top guys here just to see how I am getting on and what suggestions and pain points I might be experiencing. One feature I suggested is to be able to add tables in notes. I have tried but the markdown does not work. Along with this maybe each note could have a formatting bar so you can click on the B for bold and U for underline instead of relying on users to know Markdown.
Tables I use a lot and it would be amazing to see in here. I have a work around list with commas (but these need to be nested and at present you can’t), but not ideal.

How do you guys feel about this as I know you are working on some dashboard and formatting features after my chat with Connor.

I am a returning user (was Karper71), from Evernote as I feel it lacks something and this feels nicer and easier to use. I know there is a lot of work happening and it excites me to see what is next.

I look forward to the release of the Android app as well as this will be the cherry on the cake for me.

Keep safe!


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Hey Karl,

Markdown tables should work, actually. I do use them regularly.

Maybe you can just post what you entered and we can check together what went wrong?


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Hey there
No I have them working but I do think at non markdown version with a formatting tool bar would be great as tables could be added.

Thank you

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Thanks for submitting this Karl. We’re aware this can be improved, and will be looking into making tables more ergonomic once our WYSIWYG editor is released!

Also really happy to hear you had a good 1:1 session with Connor! If any other Unlimited users would like a 1:1 onboarding session feel free to book one via the “Chat with Us” button in the bottom right Help Menu ( ? ) in Supernotes.