Too many clicks

I can see you have put a lot of thought to design a good looking and functional app. The cards and the editor are great. The user interface is clumsy - it takes far too many steps to manage cards. For example

  1. No bulk editing. It is hard to move a files into SN from other places. Need to tag, parent and link individual cards. The import limit of 50 and the word limit make this unnecessarily hard.
  2. Actions take lots of clicks. For example, finding and opening cards to edit or link.
  3. Too many clicks to get from outline to card. Perhaps auto index child cards on parent card? Also child cards should optionally inherit some properties of the parent such as colour, tags and maybe others,
  4. Should be easier to add tags and card properties, don’t mind opening to edit but a save button should be in the same place as the edit button. Should not need to open a card to tag it.
  5. No drag and drop. If I want to add cards to a parent or move cards this is a multi step process.

Hi @ancall,

Thanks so much for your feedback, it’s really interesting hearing your approach to Supernotes, and has helped us identify some clear ways to improve. Here’s some reflections on your feedback:

  1. No bulk editing / import

A multi-select feature is in-development and we hope to have it out soon. In the meantime if you add certain filters like colors or tags, then a new card you create will automatically inherit those characteristics. Regarding import, you’re totally right we can improve this, although most of the time imported notes aren’t very suitable for the short-form Supernotes format, and it’s best to rework them manually.

  1. Actions take a lot of clicks

From your response I’m guessing you’re not using the keyboard much to interact and navigate around the interface? This would ameliorate many of the pain points you’re experiencing. I definitely suggest opening the Cheatsheet and having a go at a few of the different keyboard shortcuts. However we should definitely still cater better to users such as yourself who wish to just use the mouse to interact with the the interface.

  1. Too many clicks to get from outline to card

Perhaps the inverse workflow, going from Outline to card, might be more helpful for you? Have you tried using the Command Prompt (Ctrl / Cmd + K) to navigate directly to a card, and then use ‘Find in Outline’ (Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + O) when the card is in focus to display where it is in the Outline. Auto-indexing child cards, and inheriting parent properties are feature requests that have come up a couple of times and I’ve increased the priority of these.

  1. Should be easier to add tags and card properties

Totally, we have improvements in-development for this already, especially on mobile and we look forward to sharing this with you soon.

  1. No drag and drop

Interesting that you haven’t discovered this yet, you can drag and drop cards but only using the card names. If you drag a card name onto another card name it will add that card as a child. If you hold down Shift while doing so it will highlight the card name in orange, and “move” that card into the parent (i.e. removing other parents that might be on the card).

I hope that helps. Feel free to share more feedback as you go, or join in the feature request discussions here on the forum.

This was my suggestion, @ancall:

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