Web bookmarks


It would be great to be able to pull some metadata from the links I drop on cards.

If it’s a tweet seing an embeded version of it and if it’s a plain link perhaps pulling title, description and meta image like notion’s web bookmark component.



This is a great idea @ferminrp.

Once we have our new editor out, we will look into supporting oembed!


A lot of my notes seems to be just links-from-the-internet with some tags and optional notes for quick find.

I think when I add link (paste), Supernotes should detect it and instead of creating note with link in the content, it can create a “special” not with pre-generated content, eg:

  • title generated from website <title> (can be changed)
  • first content line generated from meta description
  • link pasted in the content
  • favicon scrapped and used?

Also Notion’s bookmark-style would be good


Hi @lkostrowski, great suggestion!

This has been mentioned previously and is already on our roadmap – Twitter embeds and web bookmark "block". We will be adding this once we have our new editor out.

(I am merging these two feature requests together)


bumping this back up now that the new editor is out. different embedded types of media (Twitter, audio, etc) would be a great addition.