Why is My Embed Truncated

Hi everyone - new to SN, appreciate any assistance.
I embedded a note in Squarespace blog post (as Markdown…is that right?) and the card is truncated in height (not fully visible) and it is also down the bottom of the post with a large amount of blank space above it. Screenshot attached. Would anyone have any idea why? Also, the reason I was doing the test was to find out if the embed of a parent card would allow viewing of all child cards…but until I solve the truncated problem, that question remains a mystery!

OH…I just noiticed I may not have access to </> Embed code as still on free plan…is that the case? I realise the code I copied was the share code, not the embed which is an option I do not have.
The help topic shows embed ,/. option
…but I only have ‘Copy’.
Is that the reason maybe?

Hi @simonstjohn, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

If we break down the embed code, it has two parts – the iframe to display the card and the script to modify the height:

<iframe data-share-code="film+section+drive+test" src="https://my.supernotes.app/embed/film+section+drive+test?theme=hydrogen" style="width:100%;border:none;"></iframe>

It seems like you embedded the card correctly in your initial post, but the additional script that is required in order to modify the height of your card is not running by Squarespace – see if there’s a way to enable the running of scripts?

You can only embed one card at a time. Being able to publicly view a collection of cards is an upcoming feature called Public Collections.

In your second post, you mentioned the help topic – it was a bit out of date and I’ve just updated it! I hope that helps.

Hi Tobias

Interesting…as I mentioned in my folowup, i don’t seem to have the </> embed option in the Share dropdown for the card and the only element under Share is the ‘Copy’ button and the link I get is:

[type or paste code here](https://my.supernotes.app/share/fan+slim+lumber+survey)

But I discovered if I follow that link I can get the code </> from the bottom of the page.

Now, as to why the script is not working…humm…you are right, I should ask Squarespace about this…but I know their policy is not to give support for 3rd partyy code, so I will probably draw a blank there!