Working with Hook

So I like to use Hook as I don’t want to embed every image or file, I can just link the file to the location.

But it seems hook links don’t work with Super notes?

Would love to have this feature if I am right.

We haven’t worked with Hook before, but we will take a look into allowing it to work with Supernotes.

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Hi @manojnayak, quick status update: I’ve tried out Hook, and it seems to work on my system. Can you give me any more information about the particular problem you’re having?

Here’s a gif of me opening a file with Hook via a Supernotes card.

Yes, that’s basic stuff that works! Thank you!

I would however love a deeper integration. For example - when I am working on a note in the Supernotes app and trigger hook it should copy the URL (note URL) and the I can link it to all files and webpages to that particular note. Sparing me the trouble of inserting all links inside the note.

Heard the Hook guys are very proactive to support their app. :slight_smile: