1.7.3 and Next Update

What is new in update 1.7.3 and will the next update feature desktop apps for sure? Also, do you think the next update will happen by the end of the first week of next month? Not confirmed just approximate.

Are you 100% sure desktop app will release in the next update. Also will the next update happen by the end of the month?

I don’t want to be mean or anything, but it seems you have said desktop apps will come for a long time. In the 1.5 update itself, you said you will release apps. I really hope this time what Tobias said to me is true, and that the desktop apps will release in this next update.

Hi @Whippingdot, we want to make sure we can adapt to new ideas and opportunities without disappointing users with an expectation that a certain feature is around the corner, so have adopted a policy of not revealing release dates. But I can let you know that the next update, 1.7.4 will be a minor release, adding small improvements and fixes; with Desktop apps looking likely to be released as part of the next major update.

We love your enthusiasm for the new releases and we can’t wait to share them with you; @connor and I are working long hours, through evenings and weekends, to get these new updates out! However please be patient and refrain from asking the same question on multiple threads and over Intercom – it takes us time to reply to each message, and that’s time we would prefer to spend on development! (I have collated all your posts in this thread)

This is not to say don’t post! We really appreciate hearing your thoughts on new features and receiving your feedback over here on the community. Together with everyone here, you can help shape Supernotes into an even better knowledge management tool!