2.0 editor changed Ctrl+Right arrow key behavior?

In the 2.0 editor, the Ctrl+Right arrow key moves to the end of the current word, instead of the beginning of the next word. I don’t have access to 1.8.5 anymore, but I’m pretty sure my memory says this is a change in behavior. Could you please look into this and see if Ctrl+Right can be made to move to the start of the next word?

Hi @michaeldurland, are you looking for alt + to move your cursor to the end of the current word? As ctrl + moves your cursor to the end of the line. These keybindings are standard across most text editors.

The original editor used a basic <textarea> html element; Comments still use this element if you want to check whether the behaviour is the same as previously, in this case it should be the same.

How are you finding the new editor in general?

Yes, I verified the Supernotes 2.0 Comment editor still allows Ctrl+Right to move to the start of the next word, while the new rich content editor moves to the end of the current word.
Every other app I use regularly maps Ctrl+Right to next-word. I avoid apps that behave the other way (which in observation seems to be more common in Linux apps).
Here’s a little survey I just did of some apps I’ve used:
Ctrl+Right moves to the start of the next word in:

  • Any Microsoft product
  • Evernote
  • Amplenote
  • Bundled Notes
  • Dropbox Paper
  • Mem.ai
  • Nimbus Note
  • Notion
    Ctrl+Right moves to the end of the current word in:
  • Coda.io

For me, consistency is king here when switching around using a variety of apps. Anything different is so jarring to brain expectations based on finger shortcuts that I steer clear of them. Even as I type this comment in the edit box, Ctrl+Right moves to the next word.

That being said, I understand there are people in the opposite camp. So what would be ideal is if Supernotes provided a way to select what Ctrl+Right does: either end-of-current-word or start-of-next-word. This customizability is standard in higher-end text editors, for example Sublime Text.

Hi @michaeldurland, I have just looked and I actually don’t think I can reproduce the behavior you’re describing. On my system this is how Supernotes behaves:

If your cursor is at the end of a word:
[alt + left-arrow] moves your cursor to the beginning of the same word
[alt + right-arrow] moves your cursor to the end of the next word

If your cursor is at the beginning of a word:
[alt + left-arrow] moves your cursor to the beginning of the previous word
[alt + right-arrow] moves your cursor to the end of the current word

This behavior is the same as I see on basically every other text editor on my system, e.g. Notion. Could you give us more details of your system? The new editor actually isn’t doing anything particularly fancy in this regard, so I think the issue here might be how your system/keyboard/etc is choosing to modulate this functionality, potentially at an OS level.

I am using Windows 10, with various web browsers including Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi.
I was wondering if you could please try to investigate this issue on a Windows OS machine? The standard key combination to move forward to the next word is Ctrl+Right.
I have been using Google Keep recently due to this regression in Supernotes 2.0. But I really am missing some of the Supernotes features. I would like to come back to Supernotes if this issue could be addressed.
Is there any chance this could be re-evaluated beyond the “Intended-Behavior” label? Because on a Windows OS, the intended behavior of Ctrl+Right is to move the cursor to the start-of-next-word, not end-of-current-word.
Perhaps the Supernotes 2.0 editor could switch on the browser’s user-agent string and adapt to the conventions of the OS, rather that hard-coding to Mac-style? As I understand the current behavior is consistent with other apps on a Mac, so it would not be correct to change the behavior for every platform.
This is not something I as an end user have any control over. This needs to be done inside the web app code.
And as I verified the comment editor still works as expected, I expect it to be possible to update the card editor to behave similarly with some code.
Thank you very much for your reconsideration.

That makes sense, we will see what we can do.

For completeness sake, this is the current behavior when you use Alt+Arrow to move around in the Supernotes editor, starting with the cursor on the far left and using Alt+ArrowRight to move right:

|The| quick| brown| fox| jumps| over| the| lazy| dog|.

And what you’re looking for on Windows is this:

|The |quick |brown |fox |jumps |over |the |lazy |dog.

Though if we get this working we will possibly make it a user preference instead of making it purely OS based.

Awesome, thanks! I’m looking forward to it!