A wish for SuperNotes 4: Voice memo

Submitted for your consideration, for a future major release. :slight_smile:

The Samsung Notes app is not great. But it does have the really handy ability to add a recording to a note. I find this nice because it’s much faster to narrate something that’s happening in real time, than it is to type it out on a tiny keyboard. For that reason, I sometimes use Samsung Notes to dictate something, then transcribe it into SuperNotes later. With all the modern browser support for media devices, it seems like this should be possible. Hopefully it would be useful for others as well.

Thanks for your time!


I‘m not sure but you should have a little microphone on your keyboard already. On iOS I have it in the right corner, my wife has it on the upper right corner on her Samsung S22.
I tested it in Supernotes and it works absolutely fine to dictate a text on my iPhone.

Thanks, I do use that sometimes but it trips up on technical terms that I end up having to go back and correct anyway. Better than nothing, but not ideal.