About embedding link to supernotes itself

Hi, I have some feature requests about linking to supernotes itself.

  1. Pasting a copied supernote link https://my.supernotes.app/v/card/{UUID}
    • I hope this to be automatically converted into [CARD NAME](^CARDUUID) form, as linking the card using the universal coupler.
  2. Pasting a copied supernote link https://my.supernotes.app/share/word+word+word+word
    • I hope this to be automatically converted into [CARD NAME](https://my.supernotes.app/share/word+word+word+word) form. For now, the card name is not parsed, instead “Supernotes” text appears.
  3. When I share a card that containing https://my.supernotes.app/~~~ link, “external website warning” is displayed when I click the link. I think this is weird behavior (supernotes itself is not an external website!)

Thank you for this wonderful product!

Hi @wldh,

Some great points. This also raises other questions about the universality of card links and differences between the UUID of a card and the share link code of a card. We will see what we can do and have made a note to improve this in the future.

With the external website warning, this applies for all links taking you away from the page, but you’re right we could fine tune this to exclude Supernotes links haha.