Add daily review button

Add a daily review button so that there’s no need to switch back and forth between random sorting every time.

Daily review in flomo:

Daily review in memos:

Daily review in Readwise:

I haven’t used these apps, so I’m not familiar with the feature. Can you explain the difference between a daily review, and clicking on a date in Supernotes?

Clicking on a date allows you to view the cards for that particular day, while daily review randomly selects a certain number of cards from all cards for review. (The reviewed cards are refreshed once a day)

Doesn’t Home -> Sort by Random already essentially give you that feature in Supernotes?

@tobias I’m guessing the custom collections feature (which I think is coming in 3.0) will be able to meet this requirement exactly, as @hahahumble will be able to create a collection called Daily review which is the Home view randomly sorted?


A separate interface for review may be better, as review is very important for this type of card note (and Supernotes was originally designed for students).

On top of that, spaced repetition algorithms and so on can also be added…

Here is the daily review of flomo note, which can be used as a reference:

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