Add Device Specific Appearance Preferences

I hope different devices can use different themes. For example, I would like to use ‘Carbon’ as the dark theme on my mobile phone and ‘Zinc’ as the dark theme on my desktop devices.

Hi @hahahumble, thanks for your feature request.

Having device specific settings is something we could look into, although what should / shouldn’t be synced between devices is very much a personal preference. We’re fans of the simplicity of the current system, but will look into this further after the release of Supernotes 3.

P.S. Please fill out the titles and categories in full when posting a new topic. i.e. ‘Different Themes’ without a category is very vague and could mean a bunch of different things, like more themes. I’ve changed this to ‘Add Device Specific Appearance Preferences’ under the Feature Request category. More accurate and detailed topics helps us categorise and prioritise features – and we’d prefer not to have to edit your original post.

In Supernotes 3.0, it seems that Theme Mode will synchronize in real-time across devices :rofl: