Add Keybinding Indicators to Multi-select menu

I wonder if it would be possible to include Select All: ⌘-A in the small Multi-select pop-up dialog. That would make the workflow easier for some.


I didn’t know it was possible, thanks! I Iike the idea from @JohnCP a lot too.


Hi @JohnCP, are you referring to adding the keybind A in the small multi-select popup, as select all is already an option?

I was thinking of a keybind description in the pop up, since select all (meaning all the cards in all the note board pages) is not an obvious option for a number of users in the multi-select workflow. Thus, any descriptive text with the keybind might also say select all cards in all note board pages.

I always just did the select all keybind automatically, but that keybind visual may help users. Similarly if there is a keybind for Done Reset Selection.

This description may sound a bit rough as I’m busy at work at the moment. But I think that describes the issue for some


Hi @JohnCP, no that makes perfect sense thanks for the follow up, I’ve split this into a feature request :slight_smile: