Add Material You Themed Icon to Android App

Adding Material You design icons to Android apps.

Hi @hahahumble, thanks for your feature request.

We really appreciate you opening new feature requests and notifying us of bugs reports, but please add some detail to the posts so we have a better understanding of what you’d like, so we don’t have to edit and improve the topics.

In this instance would you like us to add support for Material You style App Icon for your homescreen? Or support Material You ‘style’ icons for use within cards within the Supernotes app?

I would like to add Material You themed icon for Android App on homescreen, otherwise I wouldn’t say “to Android apps”. This is not the same as Material style icon.

I’ve changed it to a more comprehensible title.

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Thanks for the additional info helps us a lot! Definitely understand that it’s nice to have all icons looking the same on your homescreen, I’ve designed icon packs in the past.

Unfortunately we’ve got lots of higher priority items at the moment, for now I’ve marked this as under consideration. In the meantime, we have a press kit which contains SVG SN logos, which you could easily use to make your own icon. Feel free to share it below if you do!