Add 'Paste to Create Card' title / content toggle User Preference

I’ve been trying to take notes of my question bank and I found myself copying and pasting the Question a lot into SuperNotes. Would be super helpful if its automatically goes to the Title :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for creating this amazing app :), I love it a lot.

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A Default Copy Position preference could be do this @tobias :slight_smile:

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I mean when i try to paste something straight into SuperNotes.

Hi @jawsh,

So I think what @thomasdotred was mentioning is that we could add a new User Preference – upon paste it would create a new card with the pasted content becoming the title. I think this was your original idea @jawsh, and I’ve updated the title of this thread to more clearly reflect that. The only caveat with this is that I think it’s quite a specific use case, and the majority of the time (and indeed in your example) users copy and paste a few sentences. Often it’s just quicker to manually type out a card title.

Alternatively I have another solution, that will work great for you right now @jawsh, provided you have the ‘Default Cursor Position’ set to ‘Title’ in the User Preferences. Inside of pasting straight away, hit [Ctrl + K] and then immediately [Enter] – this will create a new blank card. And then paste using [Ctrl + V], and the pasted content will be within the title. Let me know if that works for you! If not we can see what else we can do