Add support for Markdown separator

It would be nice to expand the Markdown support to include 3 dashes to expand to a horizontal separator line.
For example,
“—” in the card editor

when viewing the card.

Hi, this is actually already supported in Supernotes. Some systems combined dashes into longer dashes when you type them together (like iOS), so you need to make sure it is actually three normal dashes next to each other, like this: ---.

You also need to ensure there is a blank line before the separator dashes, otherwise markdown interprets this as a title. We are considering removing that markdown feature as we find the hashtag based title to be much better from a readability perspective (and also much more widely used).

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That was the key! Thanks Connor! I did not realize this detail of Markdown. On a related note, I was also wondering why the paragraph before the dashes was bold, and I think this answers that as well.

Perhaps there could be a help topic describing this somewhere in the Syntax section?

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Great suggestion @michaeldurland. We’ve just added it here – Line Breaks & Horizontal Rules | Supernotes Docs.

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