Add Telegram Bot option to add to specific parent

I love the telegram bot so much. For the telegram bot, could you possibly add a function that allows me to put the new card in the parent card? Just come back from X😋



Thanks for popping this over here! I’ve put this in a separate feature request so we can track it more easily, we’ll see what we can do for you :smiley:

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Just wanted to second this. The Telegram bot is a total game changer. In addition to a specific parent, I often times find myself wanting more than one bot to do the task vs note functionality (since we often have to switch between the two) . Great use of AI and cant wait to see what’s ahead.

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Glad to hear you’re liking the Telegram bot! We’ve added this in 3.1 so will be available soon.

Related to your additional request @Benjjabrahams, this is also coming, in the form of a /new command that will override any other settings and create a new card in text only (not todo) mode.

Good time for a quick poll while I have your attention though: we’ve been finding the format option a bit confusing when combined with the mode option for some users.

So in 3.1, the plan is to remove the format option entirely, and just force “todo” format for daily cards and “plaintext” format for new cards.

Is that alright with people here, or is using plaintext format in daily cards or todo format in standalone cards a common pattern for you?

This is the new collection of commands, as it stands now:

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That is a great idea - exactly how I am trying to use it right now. Can’t wait to see the update and appreciate the ask @connor

This has been added in Supernotes 3.1. Marking this as implemented :tada: